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Are you on the move? Do you need a place to live for a short period of time? Are you looking for a home to move forward with your plans? Have you heard of the Résidétape concept? High-quality housing and tailored social support (rent, job search, paperwork…) to help you with your next steps and goals for a maximum two-year stay.  

This is the first step to apply for an apartment. The information that you will provide will allow you to create your personal account. You can then use your account to complete, modify, submit and track the status of your application. You can fill in your details in one or several times.

Alerts will pop up at the top right-hand corner to guide you through the process. Please read them carefully as they will let you know if a Résidétape is adapted to your needs. 

You will be asked to attach documents to submit your application. Please prepare them in advance. They are listed in our FAQs.

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