An accommodation at an affordable price

For a stay from of a few weeks to 2 years, we offer an accommodation that is quickly available, at an affordable price and with no requirement of guarantor – but we help you to find a free guarantee option if possible. 

An all-included affordable rent

The way we work is straightforward! You do not have any administrative fees to pay. Our rents are affordable and all-included.

Each month, you pay a fee that includes all your expenditures related to your accommodation:

  • Rent,
  • Rental costs (water, electricity, heating),
  • Accommodation’s furniture and equipment rental fee,
  • Home insurance.

Your flat is exempted from the housing tax.
This monthly fee depends on the accommodation’s type (studio, two-room flat, etc.)

Personalised housing aid (APL)

The Résidétape residences have a Government approval that entitles residents, under certain conditions, to get a greater personalised housing aid (APL) than the one you get in private or social housing, should you apply for it.

Once you settle in, your Résidétape advisor will guide you through the steps to do so. Résidétape can even, if possible, advance a part of the APL aid that you should get, while your application is being processed.

An accommodation without warranty condition

Our leitmotiv is to allow you to live closer to your plans. This is why we neither ask for a guarantor, nor for a long-term contract for you to settle in your flat. 
You do not have to pay rent in advance, you will only pay it at the end of the month. When you arrive, you will only have to pay out: 

  • A one-month deposit for the rental of your flat. 
  • A 150 euros deposit for the provision of furniture and equipment in your accommodation. 

These two deposits will be refunded at the end of your stay. If needed, your advisor at the residence will help you find solutions to finance them. For instance, these expenses can be covered by the LOCA-PASS advance payment, under certain conditions.