Our teams are available every day for the residents, being there in the residences to answer their questions and guide them. We have set up a system to manage requests and claims that allows us to collect them through different channels (verbally, over the phone, by email, through the application...), to follow them up and handle them efficiently.
We also ask all departing residents to fill out a detailed satisfaction survey about their stay. Our response rates have exceeded 60% for several years, allowing us to collect results that are both rich and representative, and show excellent satisfaction rates throughout the years. 

These surveys answered when moving out are complemented by other occasional surveys aimed at evaluating satisfaction with an offer (a new residence, a service that does not seem to meet expectations), or the opportunity to develop a new service (app, shared spaces, delivery of vegetable baskets in residence, etc.). Thus, we try to involve the residents as often as possible in the evaluation but also in the implementation of our offers.